"I joined ASNY when I was about 13 years old (I’m 21 now). I had little to no experience performing and when I saw the auditions advertised in the newspaper I thought it would be fun to try. When I got to my audition I met Jennifer, who made me feel comfortable and at ease despite my lack of experience. When I found out that I would be joining them for their summer camp I was ecstatic. Everyday at camp was the best day ever. We all became friends, we got to play games and do team building activities and we got to learn what it was like to put on a show. That summer we performed “Urinetown” and I also joined the following year for the production of “Suessical”. Both years I learnt so many things, not only about performing but also about myself. The camp leaders taught us that no matter how old you are or what your skill level is, you are valuable. They let us be ourselves and explore who we wanted to be, making sure we knew that there were no limits. I will forever cherish the memories I have of ASNY camps and remember the people who helped make me who I am today."

Sara Noyes, Former Camper

Jennifer's love of music is the tool she uses to instill confidence and self esteem‎ in her students. She doesn't just teach them how to sing, she teaches them the life skill of performance.


Mitch Kitagawa, Father of campers

There is no way to describe in words what this camp has done for me. ASNY has become a second home for me and Jennifer is like family! I can't thank her enough for all of the things she has done for me such as direct, mentor and treat me as her own. I love ASNY so much, it has helped me improve a lot as a singer, actor and dancer. I will always treasure the moments I had with ASNY!

Cayne Kitagawa, Student and Camper

What Jennifer saw in me when she encouraged me to join her in the adventures of ASNY was so much more than I saw in myself. Her friendship, support, and teamwork gave me the opportunity and playground upon which to thrive, grow, practice, challenge my fears, and learn. Together, with the support of her family, we encouraged each other and those around us, and drew out of each other talents that once were hidden but which we’ve now continued to hone over time. Before ASNY, I did not have the trust in myself to direct and guide others towards an artistic vision, nor did I have the confidence to share knowledge and educate. I learned during my time at ASNY that I could do these things, that we were all part of a team, a family, together, and this culminated in our ability to share confidence, teamwork, and creative skills with local youth and guide them towards positive growth in their lives, both as performers and as individuals. My time at ASNY with my dear friend Jennifer did the same for me. Her support and guidance, and that of the entire ASNY family, has had an indelible and positive impact on my life and career.

Brendan Bailey , Professional Actor