Audition Calls

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice
Book by Linda Woolverton

Tale as Old as Time:

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast The Musical will hit the Centrepointe Theatre Main Stage January 31st to February 10th, 2019. Open auditions will be held June 11th to the 20th, 2018 at ASNY Studios, Suite C 1903 Merivale Road. The artistic team is excited to get the magic started. Before we start our journey, we would like to offer you some information about our upcoming auditions.

ASNY is looking for the perfect team of all ages. Strong dance, acting and singing skills will be an asset to all auditionees.

Audition Bookings

Audition spots will be open for everyone on May 1st.

How to book:

*If you are having any issues getting an audition time, please send Jennifer Fontaine an email requesting help to book a time, with preferred times and date at

Information Meeting

Join us for more detailed information where you can ask questions directly from the source.

Monday, June 11th at 7:30pm at ASNY Studios.

Audition Dates

** By appointment only **

Auditions run from Tuesday, June 12th to Friday, June 15th with slots every 5 minutes from 6:30pm to 10pm.


By invitation only, Saturday June 16th and Sunday June 17th. (TBA)


By invitation only, Sunday June 17th and Monday June 18th. (TBA).

CAST Meeting

Wednesday, June 20th at 7:30pm at ASNY Studios.


Shows will be at 7:30 PM from January 31st to February 10th, 2019 in addition to matinees at 2 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. All performances will be at Centrepointe Theatre, 101 Centrepointe Drive.

How to be part of the magic?

General open audition information:

  • Auditions are by appointment only. We expect a large amount of auditions, please ensure to book your spots early and to let us know if you won’t be able to make your audition time. We as a company, strive to see all interested parties.
  • To maximize the number of people we’re able to see, each person will get 5 minutes with the audition panel.
  • Please arrive early and allow for the extra travel time, Merivale Road can be time consuming at times.
  • The first part of your audition will be music and simple reading ONLY. (No dance during your first audition call)
  • To prepare: 32 bar singing passage.
  • Readings will be short and of a general nature.
  • Be honest on your audition form please. This makes the directing team’s life a lot simpler.
  • Please disclose all conflicts.
  • Fill out the questionnaire and bring it with you at the audition
  • The most important thing about an audition, show us who you are!


**Note from the Director**

Click here to download the readings. We recommend that you take a look at it prior to your audition. Please do not memorize it!


**Note from the Music Director**

The music component of the audition:

  • please choose up to 32 bars of a song of your choice, keeping in mind the style of the show.
  • Indicate your vocal range on the audition form. If the vocal range is not on the form, you might be asked to sing scales during your 5-minute slot.
  • Music MUST be clearly marked and in the correct key.
  • All auditionees must sing with the allocated accompanist, no karaoke tracks, a cappella or self-accompaniment will be accepted. 


**Note from the Choreographer**

Beauty and the Beast calls for a wide range of dance styles. The dance portion of the audition will be by invitation only and will take place on Saturday June 16th.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to dance in. No constricting clothing.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle.


Even though ASNY has a long process, we promise that every effort will be made to efficiently schedule your time as to maximize rehearsals and that the process remains fun and enjoyable for all parties.

** Ages listed are approximate and are stage ages. The directing team may want to go in another direction. **

  • Belle: Age: 20 to 25 Vocal range: top is F5 and bottom is E3
    A vibrant, intelligent girl with beauty, who wants more out of the life than an ordinary existence. She is optimistic, fun-loving, caring, and eager to experience life.
  • Beast: Age: 30 to 40 Vocal range: top is F4 and bottom is A2
    A Prince transformed into a terrifying beast for his lack of compassion. He is hot-tempered and commanding, but has a warm, loving heart buried far beneath his gruff exterior.
  • Gaston: Age: 30 to 40 Vocal range: top is E4 and bottom is A2
    The egotistical, ultra-masculine villain determined to marry Belle. He is manipulative yet charming and earnest.
  • Maurice: Age: 55 to 65 Vocal range: top is Db4 and bottom is Bb2
    Belle's loving, eccentric father. A child at heart and inventor in his own world.
  • Cogsworth: Age: 40 to 55 Vocal range: top is E4 and bottom is A2
    A tightly-wound, enchanted mantle clock and the head of the Beast's household. He is uptight, strict, and punctual but also hard-working, faithful, and thorough.
  • Mrs. Potts: Age: 45 to 55 Vocal range: top is G5 and bottom is F#3
    A warm-hearted, maternal enchanted teapot. She is loyal, caring, and playful.
  • Lumière: Age: 35 to 45 Vocal range: top is F#4 and bottom is F#2
    A suave, debonair enchanted candelabra. He is a loyal and steadfast servant.
  • Chip: Age: 7 to 10 Vocal range: top is F5 and bottom is A3
    An enchanted teacup and Mrs. Potts' darling little boy. He is innocent, playful, and bright-eyed.
  • Babette: Age: 25 to 35 Vocal range: top is F5 and bottom is C4
    A saucy, enchanted feather-duster, and the object of Lumiere's affections. She is the playful, gorgeous, seductive French maid.
  • Madame De La Grande Bouche: Age: 40 to 55 Vocal range: top is D5 and bottom is C#4
    A former opera diva-turned-enchanted wardrobe. She has a caring, refined, larger than life personality.
  • Lefou: Age: 25 to 35 Vocal range: top is F#4 and bottom is B2
    Gaston's bumbling sidekick. He is loyal, energetic, and optimistic, but not quite the brightest guy.
  • Monsieur D'arque: Age: 35 to 55 Vocal range: top is A4 and bottom is D3.
    The scheming proprietor of the local insane asylum. He is a dark, sinister villain who aides Gaston in his plot to marry Belle.
  • Ensemble: Wolves; Enchanted Objects; Townspeople

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