Every one is nervous about auditioning. You put yourself out there and hope for the best. It’s not an easy task for anyone, whether or not you are on either side of the director’s table. This workshop is to ease your mind, give you a chance to get feedback and to audition in front of a panel and a room of your pears.

Here are things we will be covering:

  1. A Mock audition, dance call, singing, cold reads and monologues: with notes: things to work on.
  2. How to pick an audition song and or monologue.
  3. The dos and don'ts of headshots and resumes.
  4. Your best foot forward, How to dress and how to get noticed.
  5. What directors think?
  6. How to prepare for everything else. (Doing your research on the show and the panel)

Note: We must have 10 participants for the workshop to take place.

Please be prepared to:

  • Sing a song that is appropriate for your vocal range. (Please bring sheet music in the right key for the accompanist)
  • You may prepare to do a monologue if you wish. But you do not have to. This section of the audition will be optional.
  • To move/dance.
  • Do a cold read.

To register for this workshop please send an email to Jennifer Fontaine at and mail a cheque payable to ASNY at 1261 Campeau Cr. Rockland ON K4K 1B5 or personally hand it to Jennifer Fontaine during an ASNY class.