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Want to join our battle between Good and Evil?

ASNY STUDIOS: 1903 Merivale Road Suite 3
Opening Meeting is Sunday, January 29th, 2023 at 1pm.

Audition spots are available for Thursday, February 2nd and Friday, February 3rd.

  • No dance call required for this show.
  • Spots available from 7pm on Thursday and 6pm on Friday.
  • Call Backs, if needed, will be on Saturday, February 4th, 2023.
  • First cast meeting is Sunday, February 5th at 1pm.

Jekyll & Hyde The Musical will be presented at Carleton Dominion Chalmers Centre June 21st to 24th, 2023. The artistic team is excited to get to meet every one of you. Before we start, we would like to offer you some information to better prepare yourself for your audition. ASNY is looking for strong and versatile singers who can move well. Knowledge in physical theatre, fluidity and ease of movement on stage is an asset for the following roles: Henry Jekyll/ Edward Hey, Lucy Harris and Ensemble. Ease in harmonies and vocal projection is an asset for all roles in this production. We will make every effort to see everyone who wishes to audition for our production.

Note from our Music Director: Please prepare a 32 to 48 bar excerpt that shows off your vocal range and emotional connection to the piece. Please bring sheet music in the correct key for the audition pianist.

CO-DIRECTORS: Jennifer Fontaine & Jacqueline Leclerc
MUSIC DIRECTOR: Wendy Berkelaar

Casting information

Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde: Male, 30 to 45, Vocal Range: Bb2 to A4.

Jekyll is a doctor obsessed with discovering the true nature behind the good and evil in man and Emma’s fiancée. After he uses an experimental formula on himself, his evil side – Edward Hyde – takes control. As Hyde, he is violent, commanding, and a sexual deviant attracted to Lucy.

Lucy Harris: Female, 20 to 30, Vocal Range G#3 to F#5

The gorgeous “main attraction” at a local gentleman’s club. At the bottom of her luck, she becomes the object of Hyde’s obsession. Lucy is feisty and wild, but also cautious and aware.

Emma Carew: Female, 20 to 25, Vocal Range: A3 to C6

The daughter of Chairman Danvers and Jekyll’s beloved fiancée who is refined and desired by all of the socialite men.

Gabriel John Utterson: Male, 30 to 45, Vocal Range: B2 to F#4

Serves as Jekyll’s lawyer and helpful friend. He advises the troubled doctor on personal and professional affairs.

Sir Danvers Carew: Male, 60 to 70, Vocal Range: C3 to F#4

Emma’s loving father and Chairman of the Board of Governors. A charming and gentle man.

Simon Stride: Male, 30 to 40, Vocal Range: A2 to G4

The secretary of the Board of Governors and Jekyll’s rival for Emma’s affections.

Bishop of Basingstoke: Male, 40 to 60, Vocal Range: C#3 to G4

A hypocritical, sadistic man of the cloth and a member of the Board of Governors.

General Lord Glossop: Male, 50 to 60, Vocal Range: G#3 to C4

A pompous retired army man and member of the Board of Governors.

Lady Beaconsfield
Lord Savage
Sir Archibald Proops

People of London:
Aristocrats, Bisset, Citizens, Customers, Inmate, Orderly, Policemen, Poole, Prostitutes (Nellie), Servants, Society Guests, Spider

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